Making network management work

NETCONF/YANG Compliance Certification

Compliance Certification Services are performed on network devices offering NETCONF management interfaces. Cerulean performs rigorous testing of a device’s NETCONF interface,0 advertised capabilities and YANG model to ensure compliance with established industry standards, best practices and selected project requirements.   Atomic tests are used to focus on very precise aspects of certification criteria. Yields a Device NETCONF Certification report showing specific areas of compliance certification and detailed information regarding areas of non-compliance.

Cerulean will provide Vendors with specification-based NETCONF/YANG quality assurance of network devices and will provide Customers with unparalleled NETCONF/YANG Compliance validation of their network devices.

NETCONF Compliance Development

Even in the most complete NETCONF implementations, Cerulean NETCONF Compliance Certification often leads to the identification of a few areas of non-compliance. Cerulean’s NETCONF Development services provide both Device Vendors and their Clients with a practical development option to solve noncompliancy issues using valid NETCONF solutions; a potential development option to a problem of incomplete or invalid NETCONF device implementations that prevents device deployment or impacts an entire network management solution.

Let Cerulean be your NETCONF software, YANG modeling development team.

CLI Reflection

Conversion of CLI to NETCONF/YANG is often required of Device Vendors by their Clients. CLI Reflection provides a means by which a command-line instruction (CLI) is converted into a verified compatible YANG payload suitable for use in a NETCONF deployment of the model. The Reflection process provides a two-fold validation; it ensures the CLI is fully represented in the YANG Model and conversely demonstrates that the YANG Model is accurate and completely reflects the CLI. The products of the reflection process are the YANG Payloads for the input CLIs and a report that details any CLI<->YANG coverage discontinuities.

Cerulean can provide this convenient service to device Vendors wishing to offer this service to their clients and to better understand their CLI<->YANG coverage.

Device Personality Module

A software component that enables a network device’s management interface to mimic another device or match compliance with an existing network to ease vendor device integration. Northbound, the Personality Module presents an interface compliant with standard NETCONF or customer-defined requirements and YANG Model. Southbound, the Personality Module performs predefined transformations between the device’s existing management interfaces and the YANG model.

Embedded: Interfaces to device’s internal entities; Provides YANG modeled NETCONF & CLI interfaces.
Independent: Presents Compliant NETCONF interface; uses device’s existing management interfaces.

Device Vendors: Easily implement customer-network compliant NETCONF on their devices quickly and efficiently
Device Clients: Simplify network integration of vendor devices with variant NETCONF interfaces; Meet NETCONF management objectives.

With Cerulean Personality Module, device vendors can advertise seamless client-network integration of their devices. Clients can use it to homogenize their network devices for a more stable network free from vendor device-initiated churn.