Cerulean Research

We Make Your Network Management Work

Cerulean is a team of experienced Network professionals assembled to specifically to address the challenges of Network Management implementation and maintenance in today’s and tomorrow’s networks. The Cerulean team bridges the gap between Network Device Vendors and Network Deployment teams in order to help facilitate the efficient and timely development and deployment of automated network management systems.


Cerulean’s team has foundational experience in the most popular large-scale network management system NETCONF/YANG, including review, editorial and authorship responsibilities for several NETCONF/YANG specifications (RFCs). Additionally, the team has dual vendor/client experience not only having a principle in the architecture, engineering and development of Cisco’s XR, XE and NXOS NETCONF implementations, but also an engineer from Verizon’s NETCONF-manged network team having dealt with nearly two-dozen different network device models and vendors in a single deployed managed network.

Meet Network Management Objectives and Targets

Cerulean can help you meet your network management objectives and targets.

For Network Device Vendors Cerulean can:
– Perform thorough automated Quality Assurance Testing on your device’s NETCONF Implementation
– Provide basic triage for QA Testing failures and report defects
– Perform NETCONF Compliance Testing to ensure compliance with NETCONF or customer-defined standards.
– Generate NETCONF XML Payloads from the device CLI to be used with your device’s NETCONF implementation
– Provide a Cerulean Personality Module to enable your network device to seamlessly integrate in the customer’s existing network environment with little impact. Simple integration for your customers gives you a significant edge over the competition.

For Network Deployment Teams and DevOps Cerulean can:
– Perform compliance testing of all devices in your network for consistency and compatibility with your objectives.
Compliance may be based on either NETCONF Standards or Customer-Define Standards
– Quickly (typ. 2-3 days) qualify a Vendor network device for compliance and integration with your network.
– Assist in overcoming existing network device shortfalls to meet network management objectives
– Perform through automated Quality Assurance Testing on the entire Network’s Manageability
– Provide basic triage for QA testing failures and report defects.